Tidal Wave


Choose between 3 different products:

Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Maxima
The UltraHD high-end glossy Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Maxima (240 μm) photo paper offers maximum density for crystal clear and razor sharp details and a maximized dynamic range for more brightness gradations. Frame/Mount not included.

UltraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond
3 mm (1/8”) thick aluminum Dibond backed high-gloss print on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima paper for deeper blacks, finer details and longer-lasting more saturated and vivid colors. Aluminum rail wall mount included.

Acrylic Print With Slimline Case
UltraHD photo print on Fuji Crystal DP Maxima, mounted to 2 mm (1/16”) thick shatterproof, glossy and crystal clear acrylic glass and framed in a modern matte black aluminum slimline case. Aluminum rail wall mount included.


The all-around fantastic finishing touch for your artwork

With the “UltraHD Acrylic Print with Slimline Case” product option your artwork will be mounted to 1/16” (2mm) of glossy crystal clear acrylic glass that provides an additional fascinating sense of depth. The premium quality ultraHD Fuji Crystal DP Maxima photo paper ensures rich, luxurious colors and a remarkable sharpness of your artwork. In addition the modern and minimalistic Slimline Case adds a clearly defined border to the artwork without drawing too much attention to the frame itself. All prints of this product series come standard with practical wall-mounts. You can immediately and securely hang your prints thanks to the aluminum rails on the back. See examples of this high quality product below.

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